If you know me, you know that I love to bike. So its natural for me to think of the Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride as sort of a holiday. Every year now since 2014 I’ve made the ride and each year my butt has made the local news with what ever that year’s slogan painted on my back. This year though I found my self on twitters moments page.

Many people express their dislike for the event, (“mostly conservatives”) stating things like

“It’s an excuse for the sex offenders, perverts, exhibitionists, shock jocks, cultural anarchists, and other Portlandia weirdos to celebrate with pride. The city is their sanctuary.” — Rebecca Bocchino

I personally feel this event has been very family friendly and each year I have seen people bring their kids to the event. The people who attend the event are mostly from Portland and know each other. I personally have seen friends there, some naked some clothed. And while that for a brief moment is award we quickly move past it and come to terms with each other (“thats that magic moment”). Its very communal and respectful, after all how rude can you possibly be to someone else when you have completely exposed yourself to being criticized for your not so perfect body. Honestly, the weirdos who show up to this ride are the fully dressed people who go to gawk and take pictures. Very few times have I felt apart of such a large family as I do when I attend this ride. Its not just about being naked, its about submitting to a lifestyle of acceptance for your fellow human. In addition I do it for the nature of biking and that our transportation system is selfish, toxic and deadly. I’m a father of 3, I want my children to grow up health. I feel that biking nude in this event helps them come to learn that they should not be ashamed of their body, that they should love their body enough to exercise and that the driving car culture that our society has created will kill them if left unchecked.

Over all the ride was under 20 miles (“biking from home to the start and back home after”)