I put the frosting
on your digital goods

My name is Josh Chernoff.
Born and raised in the silcon forests of Portland, Oregon
I mix up only the best in technology ingredients for my internet pastries.


Elixir / Phoenix

Concurrent functional programming is my passion. If you need proof then you can view the source for this very site here.

Ruby / Ruby On Rails

I've got over 4 years of corprate grade experience working with ruby on rails sites.

PHP / Wordpress

If you have a wordpress site that needs a little extra hand, I've got you covered.

Interactive Software

With over a decade of working the industry I started my career working with flash and in 2010 worked on many fortune 500 sites.

Graphaic Design

From Photoshop to blender 3D to After Effects I love spending time in the UI as much as I do in the code.

Dev Ops

No need for FTPing files with me, I'm also able to help you manage your Unix server directly.

Blog Posts

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Yeap, my ass made it on the local news again and I also found it on twitter movements today.

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Its that time of year again to own the road and just ride your dam bike because its fun.

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Well its been awhile, but I guess I should start blogging again.

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